Madis Kokkuta

Volleyballplayer Madis Kokkuta
Nationality:Estonian Estonian
Age: :26
Company :Kokkuta management Estonia
Function :Founder Director


Cooperation partner


PhD Peristeris Vassilios

Volleyballplayer PhD Peristeris Vassilios
Nationality:Greek Greek
Age: :55
Company :eLTee Consultancy
Function :Players agent Greece


Cooperation partner

Professor Physical Education

Personal manager – scouter

Michael Amoroso

Volleyballplayer Michael Amoroso
Nationality:Canadian Canadian
Age: :28
Company :eLTee Consultancy
Function :Cooperating Partner


Cooperating partner

Scout for eLTeevolley

Dragan Milic

Volleyballplayer Dragan Milic
Nationality:French French
Age: :58
Company :Alfa Globe France
Function :Players’ agent France


Director Alfa Globe France

FFVB- agent, exclusive partner of eLTeeVolley in France.


- Ex-Yugoslavian international player

- Player in different clubs in ex-Yugoslavia and in France: Buducnost (Podgorica), ALM Evreux, BOUC Volley

- Highest level of the coach certificates: coach in Evreux , Conflans and Beauvais

- General manager of BOUC Volley : French Cup winner, Champions League, CEV cups and Challenge Cups participations

Martin Kubišta

Volleyballplayer Martin Kubišta
Nationality:Czech Czech
Age: :56
Company :MK Kontakt, Czech Republic
Function :Players agent of eLTee Consultancy


4 times national team of Czechoslovakia
Various clubs: Red Star Praha, VC Ruisbroek Belgium, Albo Marke Belgium