Axel Jacobsen

Personal information Axel Jacobsen

genderVolleyballplayer Axel Jacobsen
Nationality:Argentinean Argentinean
2nd nationality:Danish Danish
EU player EU
Status:Under contract for 2017-2018
Consultant:Marcus Eloe ME Sports
Present Club:Mate Asher (Israel)

Volleyball Career 

Axel Jacobsen Highlights 2017




- 2017/2018: Mate Asher (Israel)

- 2016/2017: Bolivar Voley (Argentina)

Clubs World Championship

- 2015/16: UPCN Voley (Argentina)

Champion of the Cup and League + Bronze Medal of Clubs World and Southamerican Championships

- 2014/15: Bolivar Voley (Argentina)

Champions of the Cup and Finalist of the League

- 2011/14: Buhl (German Bundesliga)

- 2010/11: AZS Olsztyn (Poland)

- 2009/10: Mantova (Italy A2)

- 2008/2009: Reima Crema (Italy A2)

- 2006/2008: Hotvolleys Vienna (Austria)

Champion of the League in both seasons

- 2005/06: Pineto (Italy A2)

- 2003/05: Azul Voley (Argentina)




- More than 125 International games with Denmark National Team.

- Played the CEV 2013 European Championship.

- Danish National Team Captain.

- Voted ''2015 Danish Volleyball Player of the year''


Axel Jacobsen 2016/2017 Axel Jacobsen 2016/2017
Denmark x Hungary (Friendly match 14/05/2017) Denmark x Hungary (Friendly match 14/05/2017); Axel Jacobsen (Denmark Setter): Nr. 8 (Captain) in Black/Red Uniform
Denmark x Sweden (Friendly match 13/05/2017) Denmark x Sweden (Friendly match 13/05/2017); Axel Jacobsen (Setter Denmark): Nr. 8 (Captain) in Red Uniform

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