Bruno Lima

Personal information Bruno Lima

genderVolleyballplayer Bruno Lima
Nationality:Argentinean Argentinean
2nd nationality:Italian Italian
EU player EU
Position:Position 4 + reception / Opposite
Status:Under contract for 2017-2018
Consultant:Marcus Eloe ME Sports
Present Club:Chaumont (France ProA)

Volleyball Career 

Obras SJ x UPCN (Argentina League 2016/17) - Lima: Pos.4, Nr. 12 in Dark Blue Uniform 

UPCN x Obras SJ (Argentina League 2016/17) - Lima: Pos.4, Nr. 12, White Shirt




2017 Gold Medal of Panamerican Cup + Champion of the World Championship Qualification + Southamerican Championship

- Olympic Games 2016

- World League 2016

- Panamerican Cup 2016 (Silver Medal)

- U23 World Championship 2015

- U21 World Championship 2015

- U21 Southamerican Championship 2014 (Silver Medal)

- U19 Southamerican Championship 2012 (silver Medal)




- 2017/2018: Chaumont (France ProA)

- 2015/2017: Obras SJ (Argentina)

Best attacker and Revelation of the League 2015/2016

- 2014/2015: Bolivar Voley (Argentina)

Champion of the Aclav Cup (Argentinean Cup)

-  2011/2014: Obras SJ (Argentina)


Argentina x Russia (2016 World League) Argentina x Russia (2016 World League); Players Argentina (Blue Uniform): Nico Bruno Nr. 1 (pos.4), Cristian Poglajen Nr. 6 (pos.4) and Bruno Lima Nr. 12 (Opposite)
Argentina x Russia (Olympic Games 2016) Argentina x Russia (Olympic Games 2016); Players Argentina (White Uniform): Ezequiel Palacios Nr. 13 (Pos.4, from 2nd set) and Bruno Lima Nr. 12 (Opposite)
Bolivar x Obras SJ (Argentina League 2016/2017) Bolivar x Obras SJ (Argentina League 2016/2017); Players Obras SJ (Team in Dark Uniform): Matias Sanchez (Setter, Nr.1), Bruno Lima (Opposite Nr. 12) and Jonadabe Carneiro JO (Middle Nr. 18)...
Obras SJ x Alianza JM (Argentina 2016/2017) Obras SJ x Alianza JM (Argentina 2016/2017); Players Obras SJ (White Shirt): Bruno Lima - Pos.4, Nr. 12; Jonadabe Carneiro JO - Middle, Nr. 18 and Matias Sanchez - Setter, Nr. 1

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