Federico Franetovich

Personal information Federico Franetovich

genderVolleyballplayer Federico Franetovich
Nationality:Argentinean Argentinean
Non-EU Player No
Status:Under contract for 2016-2017
Consultant:Marcus Eloe ME Sports
Present Club:Bolivar Voley (Argentina)

Volleyball Career

Formosa x Ciudad Voley (Argentina League 2015/16) - FRANETOVICH: Nr. 9, Blue Shirt




- Southamerican Championship 2015 (Silver Medal)

- World League 2015

- Panamerican Cup 2014 and 2015 (SILVER MEDAL)

- Champion of the ODESUR GAMES 2014

- World Championship 2013 U23

- Panamerican Cup 2013 (3rd Place)

- Juniors World Juniors Championship in Brazil 2011 (2nd Place)

- Panamerican Cup 2011 in Canada’ (Mayor National Team)

- Panamerican Cup 2010 in Puerto Rico (2nd Place)

- Juniors SouthAmerican Championship in Chile (2nd Place)

- Youth World Championship 2009 in Italy (3rd Place)

- Youth SouthAmerican Championship 2008 in Brazil (Champion)




- 2016-2017: Bolivar Voley (Argentina)

Clubs World Championship Semifinals

- 2014-2016: Ciudad Voley (Argentina)

- 2013-2014 Untref (Argentina)

- 2012-2013 Mar del Plata (Argentina)
Finalist of the Argentinean League 12/13

- 2011/12: Villa Maria Voley (Argentina)

2011 and 2012: Club de Amigos (Only Metropolitan Championship)

2010/11: PSM Voley (Argentina)


Cuba x Argentina (World League 2015) Cuba x Argentina (World League 2015); Players Argentina (Team in Dark Blue): POGLAJEN Reception Player Nr. 6, FRANETOVICH Middle Nr. 13, GONZALEZ Setter Nr. 8, BRUNO Reception Player Nr. 1, CRER Middle Nr. 14...

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