Jarron Mueller

Personal information Jarron Mueller

genderVolleyballplayer Jarron Mueller
Nationality:Canadian Canadian
2nd nationality:German German
EU player EU
Status:Available for 2017-2018
Consultant:Joost Kooistra
Present Club:VC Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Volleyball Career

2016-2017 VC Bitterfeld-Wolfen Germany

2nd Best player of the League:

2015-2016 Tierp Volley Sweden

Current Club                                                                            2014-2015

-         Canadian National Team Full Time Training Centre

-         Trained full time from September to May with national team staff

-         Competed against French pro A, pro B, and French CADETS national team in March


National Team

-         2011 Junior National Team setter

-         Starter for a 2nd place finish at Junior Pan Am Cup in Panama

-         Finished 11th in the 2011 Junior World Championships in Rio, Brazil

-         Invited to the Senior A and B team tryouts this May


Previous Clubs 2010-2014

-         Setter of the University of Alberta Golden Bears in Edmonton, Alberta

-         2014 National University Champion

-         Team captain for 3 years

-         Finished top 3 in the regular season every year (2 first place finishes)

-         In 2013 set the record for most wins in a season (20-2 record)


Individual Achievements

-         2012 Canada West All-star

-         3rd place all time in assists at the University of Alberta

-         Awarded the 2014 Honorary Block A ring for contribution to athletics, the community and academics

-         2 time winner of Presidents Leadership Award (2013, 2014)

-         2 time all-star and champion of National Team Challenge cup (2009, 2010)


Player Description

I have an exceptional work ethic and compete everyday in practice. I am always the hardest worker on a team, and bring competitiveness and intensity to practice every day. I am a great team player that places a lot of emphasis on creating strong relationships with my teammates and working with them to get the most out of them individually and as a team. I have been the captain on all teams I have played on because I lead by example, am a strong communicator, am respected and enjoyed by my teammates. I grew up in a volleyball family and have been around volleyball my whole life. This has contributed to my love and great understanding of the game. I have a high degree of athleticism (having played many sports at a high level) and am able to combine this with a high degree of intelligence to enhance my role in the setting position.


I am a high achiever in everything I do. I set goals and place high standards on myself to try and be the best at whatever I put my mind to. I have completed a Bachelor Degree in Business with a major in Human Resource Management. This has given me a lot of experience in understanding differences in people and how to motivate and work with them to achieve common goals.  I have taken many courses and also have personal experiences resolving conflicts and building successful relationships.  This contributes to my strength as a leader and facilitator both on and off the court. I have also played beach volleyball at a high level and therefore fully understand the ‘hitter’ mentality. This enhances my ability as a setter to manage and meet my teammates needs during games.

I also place high value on helping out in the community, as it is our responsibility as athletes. I was the Community outreach coordinator for our universities student athlete board. I created and organized many events at schools and hospitals for athletes to give back to others and have an impact on young peoples lives.


I am a strong leader that cares a lot about teammates and staff. I come from a strong family and my excellent upbringing has given me maturity and perspective. I resolve conflicts well and know how to problem solve. I get along with others and I require a low degree of maintenance as a player.  I love the game of volleyball and enjoy being a student of the game.

Developing Points

As I said, I am a student of the game so I look forward to continuing to improve and find ways to run a efficient offence. I have been fortunate to gain the respect of my coaches during my career and therefore have always been engaged working with them to fine tune offensive strategies.  As a younger setter on the international level, I look forward to gaining more experience and to play many international games. The game of volleyball is continually changing and I look forward to being part of this movement.





160213_rig-tierp_0-3 2015-2016 RIG Falkoping - Tierp 0-3 Setter Jarron Mueller Orange shirt #10
20161023 3027 VCBW-Aligse Jarron Mueller VC Bitterfeld-Wolfen - Aligse 2016-2017 Jarron Mueller Setter White #8
FRA CNVB-CAN FTC - 18mar15 Jarron Mueller France CNVB - Canada FTC 2015 Setter Jarron Mueller Black shirt
Highlights-Mueller Highlights Jarron Mueller2015-2016 Tierp
Jarron Mueller Highlights Highlights Jarron Mueller 2015
JarronMueller - 2 Setter Jarron Mueller (part 2) White #10 Friendly match Canada B
JarronMueller-1 Setter Jarron Mueller (part 1) White #10 Friendly match Canada B
Tierp - LVC Set 1 & 2 Tierp - Lingkoping VC 3-1 (Part 1) 2015-2016 Setter Jarron Mueller # 10 Pos 4 Colton de Man #1 (29 points) Middle Lee Hamilton #2 (16 points) Blue shirts
Tierp - LVC Set 3 & 4 Tierp - Lingkoping VC 3-1 (Part 2) 2015-2016 Setter Jarron Mueller # 10 Pos 4 Colton de Man #1 (29 points) Middle Lee Hamilton #2 (16 points) Blue shirts

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