Juan Riganti

Personal information Juan Riganti

genderVolleyballplayer Juan Riganti
Nationality:Argentinean Argentinean
Non-EU Player No
Status:Available for 2017-2018
Consultant:Marcus Eloe ME Sports
Present Club:Neuquen Voley (Argentina)

Volleyball Career



  • 2015 Southamerican Championship (Silver Medal)
  • 2015 Universiade (South Korea)




- 2016/2017: Neuquen Voley (Argentina)

- 2013/16: Lomas Voley (Argentina)

3rd Place of the Southamerican Clubs Championship 2015

Finalist of the League

- 2012/13: PSM Voley (Argentina)

- 2011/12: Villa Maria Voley (Argentina)

- 2009/11: Bolivar Voley (Argentina)

Clubs World Championship 2011
Clubs Southamerican Champion 2010
League Champion 2009/10
Argentinean Cup Champion (Copa Aclav) 2009/10

- 2007/09: Rosario Sonder (Argentina)


Lomas Voley x Bolivar Voley (Argentina League 2015/2016) Lomas Voley x Bolivar Voley (Argentina League 2015/2016); Players Lomas Voley (Team in Blue): ZANOTTI Reception Player Nr. 13; IMHOFF Middle Nr. 15, RIGANTI Setter Nr. 20
Obras SJ x Lomas Voley (Argentina League 2015/16) Obras SJ x Lomas Voley (Argentina League 2015/16); Players Lomas: RIGANTI (Team in Blue): Setter Nr. 20, ZANOTTI Reception Player Nr. 13; Players Obras (Team in White): SANCHEZ Setter Nr. 1, CARNEIRO Middle Nr. 18...

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