Mart van Werkhoven

Personal information Mart van Werkhoven

genderVolleyballplayer Mart van Werkhoven
Nationality:Dutch Dutch
EU player EU
Status:To be announced soon
Consultant:Joost Kooistra
Present Club:SL Benfica Portugal

Volleyball Career

2015-2017 Sport Lisboa Benfica  Portugal
2015-2016 Portuguese Supercup and Cup winner.
2016 Portuguese Supercup


2014-2015 LISSP Calais France Pro-B


2013-2014 Tourcoing France Pro B
-Champion Pro B France



2012-2013 Abiant Lycurgus Netherlands A1

2011-2012 Abiant Lycurgus Netherlands A1

2010-2011 US Amsterdam Netherlands A2

2009-2010 Visade Voorburg B-League



2012 European Championships Assen <23 years


09.04 AJFB-SLB (0-3) PO42 2016-2017 Full match Fonte de Bastardo - Sl Benfica Mart van Werkhoven Red #9
Bastardo - Benfica G4 Play offs 2016-2017 Fonte de Bastardo - Sl Benfica (Game 4 play-offs) Mart van Werkhoven Red #9
Chaumont vs Benfica 3e 4e & 5e set European Cup 2016-2017 Chaumont - SL Benfica (Set 3, 4,5) Mart van Werkhoven Dark #9
Mart highlight Totaal 3.0 Highlights 2016-2017 Mart van Werkhoven SL Benfica

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