Rutger Zoodsma

Personal information Rutger Zoodsma

genderVolleyballplayer Rutger Zoodsma
Nationality:Dutch Dutch
EU player EU
Status:To be announced soon
Consultant:Joost Kooistra
Present Club:TSV Jona Zwitserland

Volleyball Career

Volleybal Career :

2016-2017 TSV Jona Zwitserland

2015-2016 Landstede Volleybal


2013-2015 Abiant Lygurgus
2014 Challenge Cup
2015 CEV Cup: 2nd round
2015 Cupfinalist

Talent team Amsterdam
National Youth team The Netherlands

8 Nations Tournament
Switzerland  5th
Italy 4th

EC Qualification tournament Ukraine 2012
2013 EYOF European Youth Olympic Festival

2014 EC qualification Tournament Bulgaria


2014 10 04 lycurgus orion Zoodsma Abiant Lycurgus - Orion 2014-2015 Middleblocker Rutger Zoodsma Blue shirt #7
20170108 Cup Jona-Luzern 2017 Cupgame Jona - Luzern 2-3 Rutger Zoodsma Blue shirt #7
Jona-Schoenenwerd 2017 Jona - Schönewerd 2-3 Middleblocker Rutger Zoodsma Blue shirt #7
Rutger Zoodsma New Highlightvideo Rutger Zoodsma Junior national team and 2015-2016
Rutger Zoodsma Highlights 2016-2017 Dutch middleblocker Rutger Zoodsma #7 Jona Suisse

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