Steen Lyngo Sorensen

Personal information Steen Lyngo Sorensen

genderVolleyballplayer Steen Lyngo Sorensen
Nationality:Danish Danish
EU player EU
Position:Position 4 + reception
Status:Available for 2017-2018
Consultant:Joost Kooistra
Present Club:VC Axis Guibertin

Volleyball Career


2016-2017 VC Axis Guibertin Belgium

2016-2017 Gentofte Denmark

2015-2016 Marienlyst Denmark

2013-2015 Conflans AJML VB France

2012-2013 FirmX Orion The Netherlands
- Winner Dutch Cup

2010-present Boldklubben Marienlyst Denmark
2008-2010     Aalborg HIK Denmark

National team:

2010-present National Senior team Denmark


2010-2011  Won the Danish Cup and Championship
2011-2012   Won the Danish Cup and Nordic Club Championships



160409 BM vs Gentofte 3-1 (29-27,24-26,36-34,25-23) Steen Season 2015-2016 BM vs Gentofte 3-1 (29-27,24-26,36-34,25-23) Pos 4 Steen Lyngo Sorensen Red-White shirt #9
Steen Sorensen #16 Denmark highlight Steen Sorensen #16 Denmark highlight 2014-2015
guibertin-leuven 2016-2017 Guibertin - Leuven Steen Lyngo Sorensen Yellow #9
menen-guibertin 2016-2017 Menen - Guibertin Steen Lyngo Sorensen Yellow #9

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