Tim Smit

Personal information Tim Smit

genderVolleyballplayer Tim Smit
Nationality:Dutch Dutch
EU player EU
Status:Under contract for 2017-2018
Consultant:Joost Kooistra
Present Club:Tourcoing Volley France

Volleyball Career

2016-2018 Tourcoing Volley France

2015-2016 Prefaxis Menen Belgium
2014-2015 Abiant Lycurgus The Netherlands

2013-2014 Landstede Volleybal Netherlands A1

- Champion of the Netherlands
- National Cup Winner
- Super Cup Winner
- Team of the year Zwolle
- Top Volleyball Almelo Tournament Winner

2010-2013 STV Tilburg The Netherlands A1
2008-2010 KWU Volharding Eisden Maasmechelen Belgium

2007-2009 National youth team


Highlight video Tim Smit Highlight video Tim Smit 2014-2015
Highlights 2015-2016 Highlights 2015-2016 Tim Smit Prefaxis Menen
Highlights Tim Smit Season 2016-2017 2016-2017 Highlights Tim Smit Tourcoing France Pro B Champion!!
TLM - Martigues 2016-2017 TLM - Martigues Tim Smit Green #7
TLM-Rennes 2016-2017 TLM - Rennes Tim Smit Green #7

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