Zak Rempel

Personal information Zak Rempel

genderVolleyballplayer Zak Rempel
Nationality:Canadian Canadian
Non-EU Player No
Status:Available for 2017-2018
Consultant:Joost Kooistra
Present Club:Available 2017-2018

Volleyball Career


Current year - Team Canada Full-Time Beach Volleyball Centre (Toronto,ON)
2014-2015 University of Saskatchewan Huskies
2013-2014 University of Saskatchewan Huskies
2012-2013 Medicine Hat College Rattlers ( 2nd Team All Conference, Rattler Award Recipient, Led Setters in Aces, Kills and Blocks)
2011-2012 Medicine Hat College Rattlers (Rookie of the Year Finalist)


Zak Rempel 6'5 Setter Volleyball Highlight Tape Zak Rempel Volleyball Highlight Tape 2015-2016 6'5 Setter
Zak Rempel Full Match Vs. Grant McEwan Zak Rempel Full Match Vs. Grant McEwan 2015-2016 Setter Zak Rempel Dark shirt #2
Zak Rempel Full Match Vs. UofW Zak Rempel Full Match Vs. UofW 2015-2016

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